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Vacumed Therapy

Vacumed Therapy is a tried and tested treatment method developed out of space medicine . It functions like a second heart, sucks fresh blood into the feet and legs and pumps used blood or lymph back into the trunk. A pleasant side effect of this “space treatment” is that lymph-dependent waste products, the substances that cause cellulite, are soaked up and excreted.

The use of negative pressure treatment is not only limited to the treatment of cellulite. The consequences of orange peel skin such as *spider veins and varicose veins are also subjected to pressure.
*That also applies to circulatory problems, e.g. cold feet or hardening of the arteries!

So “Vacumed Therapy” is also an important contribution to maintaining good health.

When negative pressure is applied fresh blood and oxygen are sucked into the feet and legs; when positive pressure is applied used blood and waste products are transported back to the trunk via the veins and lymph vessels. The feet and legs instantly feel lighter.

The skin becomes smoother and problem zones are visibly and measurably improved! The treatments take only 30 minutes and are extremely pleasant. Total wellness.

The excellent effectiveness of negative pressure treatments has been verified in numerous studies and treatment observations worldwide.

The areas of use are

*lymph drainage
*stimulation of circulation
*spider veins and varicose veins
*improvement of the physiological muscle pump.

You too can benefit from treatment with the “space tube”. The weightless way to firm skin and healthy legs

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Vacumed Therapy

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